• Education with an experienced photographer, one-on-one: no more pdfs, Youtube videos, sorting through Facebook posts, having to read manuals, or searching through forums. I'll try my best to be your go-to-girl!


  • Video conference (via Google Hangout, Skype or Facetime, preference is yours!)


  • One hour where you can ask me as many questions on any photo-business-owning subject you’d like! Prior to our video meeting we will email to decide what subjects I can help you with and just make sure I can provide you with the expert information you're hoping to receive. I promise I'll let you know if you want something I don't know well or am not confident will further your knowledge as a photographer or business owner. The session will also include two follow up emails with me. 

Cost: $175

Additional Portfolio review: $100

  • Prior to our meeting I will go over your portfolio (website preferably) and give you my constructive criticism in its presentation and contents. 
  • This adds an extra half hour in our video meeting.

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