About the Mountain Wedding Partner Photographer Brittany


Brittany is passionate about helping mountain wedding couples and families stay engaged with each other. She wants to make sure that you are truly yourselves in front of the camera. We all know our tendency to wear fake smiles when put on the spot, but Brittany makes it her job to help you feel comfortable and engaged even if it is at her own expense, she won’t spare acting like a fool to make you all laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Many previous clients have noted that she has a gift for helping people feel comfortable and like their natural self in front of the camera. She’ll be the first to say that things may get awkward, but the playfulness, laughter and intimacy she brings to every wedding day or family session makes her a gem.

Having been a photographer for 10 years, you can rest assured that Brittany will capture your wedding day, love story, or family session with intimacy, playfulness and joy.


These are all her favorite things


We cannot wait to know more about you! Curious about what makes Brittany's heart beat?

  • I spend a good amount of time pondering the ways of Jesus & studying the Bible. This keeps me grounded, and constantly seeking to love others well and glorify God in all I do.

  • My husband and I have been married for 10 years this summer and it has been a ride!

  • We have 2 goofy kids and recently have moved up the hill.. not far from the city, just a perfect spot to wake up, throw a log on the fire & pretend we are on vacation.

  • While on "vacation" my favorite thing to do is sit in a craft coffee shop (bonus if they have kombucha on tap and beautiful greenery) sipping an americano or a coconut milk latte... Since hitting up my fav shop isn't an everyday thing, I'm prettly lucky to make my own americano on our 10+ year old espresso machine with amazing beans from the coffee shop my hubby runs.

  • I brew my own kombucha and although I don't enjoy having one more thing to do in the kitchen, I LOVE that I can make it and not spend $4 bucks a bottle at the store!

  • Someday I might pursue to be a health coach or personal trainer when I am not training up my kiddos or photographing amazing weddings. I am passionate about living healthy and it is quite the journey. For now, I love my 30 minute at home workouts and kinda paleo eating.

  • Music is big in our lives, dance parties, sing alongs and worship music fill our home on the regular.

  • Having been raised in MN, it's obvious that I adore our majestic mountains here in Colorado.

  • And then there's the sunshine. No explanation needed.

Some of Brittany's Work