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Denver Colorado Mountain Couple Photography

We believe marriagesshould be celebrated. Not just when you get married but often thereafter. Our culture is obsessed with falling in love. We want to change this. We want to help couples keep falling in love again and again with our spouses.

While we are not counselor nor have a calling to be one, we want to work with couples to help them remember all the reasons they love each other.We want to help couples for just a few hours put aside life's difficulty and dive deep into affection.

So if this is you, wanting to re-connect with your spouse, celebrate an anniversary or just wanting to celebrate a beautiful transition in your marriage, we’d love to chat with you.


Denver Colorado Mountain Couple PhotographyCouples Photography Experience



Our joy is to bring couples back or into an intimate connection during our couple photography time. We want to reignite the passion you have for each other and create a new memory around those emotions.

We hope to help create a physical connection with you and your spouse that touches each other’s souls. A touch that brings life back to pieces of you that once fully belonged to each other but down the road of a messy life were lost or forgotten.

We hope to help the hardness created by hurts in marriages to turn soft with touch and an intimacy that only comes with freedom and suggestion to draw nearer to each other.

We hope to help you forget just for a day all the discord you may have with each other and let each other back in.

We cannot promise this re-connection will fix anything but we do pray it reignites a fire inside of you both; One that sparks with similar or deeper emotions to those of the day you knew you were first in love with each other. We want to help you touch these memories and tie them to a new one.

We hope to bring healing but we cannot promise it.

e hope to see your love so fresh and bold that looking back at these photographs you cannot help but feel the same emotions. And in the midst of life’s inevitable trials be able to trust darkness will not consume your love for each other.



You should expect to feel comfortable. We know for most people being intimate with your spouse around other people is hard. We also know most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. It’s a part of our job to help make that happen.


Ideal Mountain Location

We’ll help plan the most ideal location that represents you as a couple. We want to capture your relationship in its element. If you're avid mountain lovers let’s go to the mountains or a national park. If you’re home bodies and love doing house projects together, gardening or snuggling up by the fire with good books, let’s do a home session.


"Emmy, with Searching for the Light Photography did such an amazing job capturing our anniversary photos! She went above and beyond what any photographer I've ever worked with. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our session with her and the experience brought us closer. I loved how we reflected on our 15 years together. I'll be enjoying these anniversary photos for years to come! Emmy, thank you SO much for your time, art direction, fun activities and letting us step out of our daily elements for a night. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to put together our shoot and making it so much fun.  I felt like it was couples therapy!" -Andrea & Gustavo |Charleston, South Carolina

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“My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary by having Emmy take our photos in the mountains. I was beyond amazed. She did such a fantastic job! She was able to draw out our personalities and help us celebrate our love for each other in fun ways. Emmy is such a natural at capturing the sweet moments and real emotions. She also selected the perfect location. I was so torn between all the beautiful places in Colorado but she knew just the spot not too far outside of Denver yet still had a secluded feel and gorgeous pine trees and mountain views. Once she sent us our gallery I was blown away. I have loved the photos and so have our friends and family!” - Jennifer | Denver, Colorado

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"... If you want someone who will capture the essence of your (love) and make you feel comfortable and at ease while doing it, she's your gal. And the photos are breath-taking! ..." - Riana | Colorado (See more from Riana's winter engagement session here.)


Denver Colorado MountainCouples Photography Expertise


Adventure Lover

We adore new experiences and meeting new people. So, meeting you and hearing your story is joy enough for us in this job. But getting to have adventures in new places and capturing the love of a couple is icing on the cake for us.


We have almost a decade of experience in the wedding industry and as photographers. We’ve worked through almost every wedding day nightmare you can imagine.


We are able to capture bright, epic sunsets, low-lighting situations and a number of other unconventional lighting scenarios that require careful expertise behind the camera.

We’ve taken classes with some of the top photographers. We’ve learned some amazing tricks of the trade from them all as well as many valuable lessons.


We are passionate about marriages that are full of love and commitment.
You can be real with us. No need to put on fake faces; its our job to help you be you in front of the camera and capture who you are--not some artificial, falsely happy magazine pose.

Intimate Experience

We book a limited amount of photo shoots per week and month. Our work with you will be personal and intimate.


  We are mamas, and if you are a parent yourself or have watched one closely, you may have noticed that we can be quite good at multi-tasking. Being mothers has helped us become better photographers because we can manage numerous things happening at once. We are able to stay relaxed when things go wrong (which they sometimes do) and can help you stay calm and collected as well.

Planning + Flow

We enjoy intentionally planning, but we have also learned the art of rolling with unexpected changes and finding beauty in those moments. We will work together with you to plan the photo side of things to have as a guideline, but on the day of, we’ll find and capture beauty in the day even if circumstances mean straying from the plan.



Denver Colorado MountainCouples Photography Investment

All Packages include:

  • 30+ full resolution photographs uniquely edited in our style.

  • Photography on location, any place within two hours from Denver

  • 30 day personalized online gallery: view, download, order prints and share with family & friends from any electronic device.

  • Email and phone correspondence to plan all the beautiful details of your photo shoot day.

  • Customized slideshow to initially view your photos and share with family and friends.

In-Home Couple Photography Sessions start at $350 and include:

  • One hour of photography at your home.

  • Options to add more time, prints, and albums.

Adventure Couple Photography Sessions or Anniversary Celebrations begin at $550 and include:

  • 1.5 hour of photography

  • An adventurous location that best fits your love story.

  • Custom adventure location suggestion and aid in the research processes.

  • Options to add more time, prints, and albums.

*All pricing subject to change without notice.



Denver Colorado Mountain Couple Photography F.A.Q

Who should do couples re-connection photography?

  • Couples who are at a turning point in their marriage. Maybe you’ve experienced something hard and are at the end of it.

  • Couples celebrating their marriage.

  • This is about marriage celebration and there is a time and season for this. I wish we could always celebrate marriage this grand and while I believe you can celebrate each other in little ways, I do think this experience is best for couples both ready to celebrate each other and re-connect. 

Who should not do couples re-connection photography?

  • Couples seeking marriage counseling (as in you are in the middle of deep hard life.) I am not a licensed therapist nor is this experience meant to replace counseling.

  • Couples knee deep in trials unable to talk with each other. Again this isn’t for working on marriages but celebrating them.

  • Couples at their last straw looking for something to keep them from divorce. If this is you please reach out for help and support. I want to hear from you down the road in how this trying season is over and how you guys worked it out. But right now is the time to get your hands dirty. Let’s celebrate in the right time.

How long do I wait before I'll see my photos?

  • Photos will be available in 30 days after our photo session.

What if bad weather is forecasted for our adventure photography session?

  • If the wind is over 20 mph, the temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a winter storm warning or watch, or any thunder storms we will reschedule.

  • We are all about rolling with whatever comes our way, so if that means you'll be dancing in the rain or playing in the snow we are game if you both are!

What if you or I get sick for our scheduled photography session?

  • We will reschedule or we will provide a replacement photographer. We will leave the decision up to you.

How do I book you?

Can I see a sample gallery of an adventure couple photography session?

  • Yes head on over to our clients page here.

Can I see a sample gallery of a in- home couple photography session?

  • Yes! Head on over to our clients page here.

Do you travel outside of Denver, Colorado or the Mountains of Colorado?

  • Yes! Home Session begin at $650 and Adventure Sessions begin at $900 further than 2 hours from Denver.


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