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Denver, Colorado branding photography

Being a small businessowner myself, I understand the entrepreneur life and your passion for your own business. It’s hard to separate work from home life because it’s such an integrated part of you. Your business is a piece of your story and is one of the gifts you’ve been given to bless others. I’d love to chat with you about how we can bring your brand to life visually and capture the emotion that you'd like your customers to experience with your product or services.


Denver, Colorado Brand Photography Experience



You should expect curated photographs that capture the heart, core and spirit of your business. We understand as a small business owner you pour your heart and soul into your work. You should not expect any less when it comes to visually branding your company.



We’ll work alongside you to go through the details of what you want your clients or customers to experience and feel with your products or services. We’ll then create photographs that capture these experiences or emotions.



If you decide working with me on multiple brands or businesses and a photoshoot is the best fit for you, we will help bring all those brands together and possibly recruit local bloggers to help feature and prompt your products or services.


"We LOVE working with [Searching for the Light Photography] and always recommend [her]!" - Jordan Stoll | A Music Plus Entertainment


"...These are simply amazing ..."- Baylee | The Bridal Collection


“You're not going to get better photos, or a more accommodating, pleasant experience from anyone else.” - Tyler | New York


Denver, Colorado Brand Photography Expertise


Graphic Design

With a background in graphic design I know how visual branding works. I know that different colors, lighting and visual styles evoke a certain experience or emotion for clients or customers. I will bring this knowledge to the table when working with your small business or brand. 


While I am not a stylist I have taken an online class with a stylist when I was doing my wedding photography business. I learned the proper way to stylist different things and will take this skill set into working with you. 


I have almost a decade of experience as a photographer. I’ve spent most of my time in the wedding industry worked through almost every wedding day nightmare you can imagine.

I have also endured a number of difficulties in my personal life, so I am able to be kind, generous and empathic towards tough things that occur leading up to or on our photo shoot day.


I am able to capture bright, epic sunsets, low-lighting situations and a number of other unconventional lighting scenarios that require careful expertise behind the camera.

I’ve taken classes with some of the top photographers. I’ve learned some amazing tricks of the trade from them all as well as many valuable lessons.

Intimate Experience

I book a limited amount of photo shoots per week and month. My work with you will be dedicated. You won't be working with a big business. I am the photographer and your point of contact for our shoot. You won't work with a middle person with me.


   I am a mama, and if you are a parent yourself or have watched one closely, you may have noticed that we can be quite good at multi-tasking. Being a mother has helped me become a better photographer because I can manage numerous things happening at once. 

Planning + Flow

I enjoy intentionally planning, but I have also learned the art of rolling with unexpected changes and finding beauty in those moments. I will work together with you to plan the photo side of things to have as a guideline, but on the day of, we’ll find and capture beauty in the day even if circumstances mean straying from the plan.




Denver, Colorado Brand Photography Investment

Our rate starts at $350 and include:

  • 1-2 hour photo shoots.

  • Photography on location, no travel fees within an hour from Denver

  • Planning your shoot and the types of photos you’d like. For example we can take photos of just your products, your employees or the whole experience of your business.

  • Depending on the amount of photos you’d like will depend on the amount of time we will spend photographing.

Working with small business or brands I can do things exclusively with you or work with other brands and even local bloggers to help lower the costs of photography. 

Collaboration Stylized  shoots

  • Include working with a stylist and multiple brands or companies.

  • I understand small business are usually works with small marketing budgets. I have a few things up my sleeves that can help us capture quality photos for an affordable price. Part of this is working with multiple brands or business during our photo shoot so that everyone participates receives pictures and pays my fee. I also have connections with local bloggers who can feature your business or products on their websites if you want to incorporate this into our work.

*All pricing subject to change without notice.



Denver, Colorado Brand Photography | F.A.Q

How does working with multiple brands, business and bloggers work?

  • We will work together with other business that work well with yours and all plan a photo shoot.

  • For example if you are a restaurant we will look to local boutiques, designers and fashion or food bloggers to all come together to get quality photographs of all your products and services. We will take the photos at your restaurant and capture the experience your clients who receive along with featuring the fashion of the model or blogger that was outfitted by the other businesses. The cost of my time and my stylist if one is not participating as a business will then be split between all the participating businesses.

Will I get portrait photographs of me and my employees if I do a collaboration photo shoot?

  • No, you will get photos of you and your employees interacting with customers. But not standard business photos.

  • To receive portraits we will need to schedule a different photo time or add on time at the end of the Collaboration.

What if you or I get sick for our scheduled session?

  • We will reschedule or I will provide my assistant to be your photographer. I will leave the decision up to you.

How do I book you?

Can I see a sample gallery of a branding session?

  • Yes head on over to my clients page here.


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