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Take Time for Adventure {Mountain Wedding Photographer}

Let's be honest, life is busy, always. It will swallow you whole if you don't take time do the things that give your soul life. Trust me, I know. I've been "lost" in the busyness of life one too many times and find myself absolutely empty every single time. 

I want to encourage you today to take a moment to think and a moment to plan time for yourself to do something that gives you life. Trust me it will be worth putting your phone down, it will be worth waiting to reply to that next email, it will be worth postponing that deadline for a few minutes. 

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Mountain Wedding Photographer {Self Portraits}

In my whole life I've never felt photogenic and honestly I have that awkward camera smile, you know the one: the one where you want to seem happy but forcing a real smile is about real as telling your grandma you really liked her green jello mold cake. But I decided it was more than time to step in front of the camera to capture one of my new favorite locations and a little bit of who I am now as a daughter of Christ, wife, mother and mountain wedding photographer.

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Mountain Anniversary Photos {Jenni & Kip | One Year Anniversary}

Winter + Mountains + Wedding Anniversary Celebrations = awesomeness. I am so thankful Jenni & Kipp asked me to photograph them yet again! This time they are celebrating their one year anniversary! I adore that they decided to celebrate with photos because well you change so much in just a year, and so does your love together. 

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Best Mountain Wedding Venues {Colorado Part 1}

If you're anything like me and your heart stops a beat as you gaze into the majesty of mountains, then its no surprise that you'll want your wedding day to be on a mountain top that takes your breath away as much as your partner does. Read more on my blog about my favorite mountain wedding venues in Colorado.

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer {Amy & Ben | Engaged}

Amy & Ben's mountain engagement photos at Lake Brainard Recreation Center was absolutely beautiful, despite the freezing wind temperatures Amy & Ben's love for each other was so evident during the mountain engagement photo session.

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Mountain Wedding Photographer {Mandy & Josh | Married}

Mandy & Josh's backyard wedding couldn't have been more beautiful. Family and friends gathered to transform the Cloud backyard to a gorgeous ceremony and reception location, family and friends stood around them filling their day with laughter and joy, and if it couldn't get any better it did with God showered them with the most gorgeous sunset I've seen all year.

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