Giving Back {Donating a Portion of All Sessions | Colorado Elopement Photographer | Colorado Couple Photographer}

Running a business is such a huge privellege and joy. Within the past two years that included the closing of my business for a year and half which I thought was throughly the end of Searching for the Light Phography was surrounded with an overwhelming amount of support from our church community, family and friends as I battled chronic illnesses. So its no surprise I want to find ways to give back, to spread the love. One way was doing a giveaway but a more permeant way I'll be giving back is by donating a portion of every photography session booked with me back to non-profits and missionaries that I've been close with.

Below are the places my clients can choose to give to in booking with me!

2017-09-05 10.26.38.jpg
  • Sarah & Ryan - Serving the local church Cusco, Peru
    • In mid-2014, Ryan and Sarah Davis decided to leave their finance and marketing careers and move their lives to the beautiful Andes mountains of Cusco, Peru. This enthusiastic couple, along with their one-year-old son Luke, serves in humanitarian relief efforts through the Iglesia de Cristo Ayllu. In their day-to-day work, they offer a variety of projects in benefit of the communities within this impoverished, developing nation such as:

      - medical clinics for indigenous populations without resources for proper care

      - vocational empowerment workshops for young women with babies in recovery from sexual and physical abuse 

      - tutoring and educational enrichment programs for high-risk children and teenagers

      - spiritual development courses to encourage the need to discover deeper purpose in life

      - marital/family and addiction-recovery counseling services 

      Along with their mission team of American and Peruvian leaders, Ryan and Sarah maintain a strong conviction that every day, in all ways possible, we must "Be Light" to those who God places in our pathway!

  • The McLaughlin's - Serving international students in Knoxville, TN with Campus for Crusades
  • Save Our Youth - Save Our Youth is a youth development organization providing at-risk youth with educational, emotional, and spiritual skills for success through long-term mentoring relationships.
    • SOY has served Denver’s urban at-risk youth since 1994.
    • 417 kids, ages 10-17, were served by SOY’s mentoring program in 2016.
    • SOY’s average mentoring match lasts 42 months (3.5 years) while the national average is 9 months.
  • Dysautonomia International - The research foundation that researches for one of the illnesses I have, P.O.T.S.
  • Gofundme: Outside of photography I'll be pursuing my holy yoga training to help others and myself pursue healing, growth and connection through the means of Jesus based yoga practice that draws your mind body and soul into an intimate connection with the Lord. Lord willing I will be serving at my local church with free classes and producing free youtube videos for all those who are not in the Denver area. This will be a temporary donation option as I will complete my training and fundraising in June 2018.

I'll be updating more about the missionaries you can choose from if you purchase a session with me as I get them back from them. But I just couldn't wait to share this news with you all!