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Adventurous Anniversary Ideas { Sammi & JT Celebrating 5 Years Married} | Colorado Mountain Anniversary Photographer

Around 515am we arrive at our beautiful Colorado mountain location just before the first light started to shine above the peaks snow capped and ready to sing their glorious mornings songs. Sammi & JT switched into their shoes and we trekked out to our adventurous anniversary photography location…

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A True Love Story {Jenni & Kipp | Mountain Wedding Photographer}

As a wedding photographer its no surprise that I'm a hopeless romantic, I mean why else would I adore capturing people's love every single day? But let's be honest, sometimes real love isn't so neat and fits in a pretty box, nor is it like Hollywood nor is it like fair tales would lead us to believe. So, I decided to start this series, where I ask my REAL clients what their love story looks like.


Today I am featuring Jenni & Kipp's love story about being complementary opposites. 

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