Branding FAQ & Investment

Ah! We are so excited you're here ready to talk about numbers! Ok, call Emmy a bit of geek but she really does love spread sheets and numbers. Even though she is pretty terrible at math. Like, if we were to meet in person and you had her calculate a fee for you she’d most like pull out my iPhone calculator app because its that bad. But hey, we all cannot be perfect at everything, right? So let's get back to photographing you! All the pricing below is set, we don't offer discounts or exceptions, we mean unless your our sisters, which Emmy only has one so...we hope this is helpful. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have more questions, keep scrolling to read F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions for all you like Emmy for years who thought U-Haul was a clever name not the fact that you actually haul it. Haha.)


Denver, Colorado Small Business & Branding Investment

Denver, Colorado Small Business & Branding Investment

Our rate starts at $350 per hour and include:

  • 1-8 hour photo shoots, 30 minute minimum.

  • 30 digital fully edited photographs delivered per hour of photography time.

  • Photography on location, no travel fees within one hour from Denver, Colorado

  • Planning your shoot and the types of photos you’d like. For example we can take photos of just your products, your employees or the whole experience of your business.

  • Online gallery 30 days after shoot to view and download photos.

  • Earlier delivery of photos available for additional fees. (Double for week turn around, Triple for next day delivery.)

  • No additional fees for magazine cover uses. All printing and publishing rights will be granted to you. Re-sale of photographs will still remain the right of Searching for the Light Photography.

  • Option to hire our stylist Marissa Merchant to help design your photography look and wardrobe

Half Day Shoots start at $1700 and include all the above plus:

  • Assistant photographer

  • No travel fees within two hours of Denver, Colorado

Working with small business or brands I can do things exclusively with you or work with other brands and even local bloggers to help lower the costs of photography. 

Collaboration Stylized Shoots start at $3500 and include all the above plus:

  • Half day (4 hours) of photography

  • Hair and Make up Stylist

  • Set Stylist and designer

  • Option to include working with multiple brands or companies to split the cost.

  • Additional fees may apply to hire models.

  • I understand small business are usually works with small marketing budgets. I have a few things up my sleeves that can help us capture quality photos for an affordable price. Part of this is working with multiple brands or business during our photo shoot so that everyone participates receives pictures and pays my fee. I also have connections with local bloggers who can feature your business or products on their websites if you want to incorporate this into our work.

*Travel fees apply for any business or branding photography outside of Denver, Colorado.

**All pricing subject to change without notice.


How does working with multiple brands, business and bloggers work?

  • We will work together with other business that work well with yours and all plan a photoshoot.

  • For example if you are a restaurant we will look to local boutiques, designers and fashion or food bloggers to all come together to get quality photographs of all your products and services. We will take the photos at your restaurant and capture the experience your clients who receive along with featuring the fashion of the model or blogger that was outfitted by the other businesses. The cost of my time and my stylist if one is not participating as a business will then be split between all the participating businesses.

Will I get portrait photographs of me and my employees if I do a collaboration photo shoot?

  • No, you will get photos of you and your employees interacting with customers. But not standard business photos.

  • To receive portraits we will need to schedule a different photo time or add on time at the end of the Collaboration.

What if you or I get sick for our scheduled session?

  • We will reschedule or I will provide my assistant to be your photographer. I will leave the decision up to you.

How do I book you?

Can I see a sample gallery of a branding session?

  • Yes head on over to our clients page here.