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During the time away from running a business I discovered yoga--I know, I know, who in their twenties living in Denver, Colorado doesn't "discover yoga?" But I found it so surprising because I avidly HATED yoga before. I found it quite ridiculous and would always prefer to dance. 

But then I got sick and was unable to dance or do much physically but craved movement. A friend invited me to a Holy Yoga class and I thought okay, sure I'll give this a try. And you know what?! I fell in love... not necessarily because I tried it again but because yoga became a time to connect. A time to connect with Jesus, a time to listen to my body and a time to slow down.

And being a photographer, business owner, a wife and a mom, I NEED to take time to slow down, to listen, to breath, to feel. 

So, when I set out to take some self portraits for re-opening the photography business back in October I took time to photograph myself doing yoga, which was a bit comical but nonetheless fun.

Side note, but also important I am actually starting Holy Yoga training this month! I know adding something else in right sounds crazy but the Lord has put it on my heart and I'm going to stay faithful to His calling know in my weakness I am made strong in Him. You can help support me and read more about my training on my fundraiser site here!

And if you're a Denver Colorado yoga teacher and need some photographs for your studio you can learn more about what I do or fill out the form below ! I'd love to photograph your yoga skills!