Elope & Have A Wedding {Why you should have an adventurous elopement and a full wedding day} | Mountain Denver Colorado Adventurous Elopement Mountain Wedding Photographer

Everyone sees those epic adventure elopements, you know those ones on the mountain top with the perfect wind blow hair? Deep down as you find yourself drowning in wedding planning from day one you too wish you could traps off to the mountains with your beloved and tie the knot.


But... there is mom, dad, grandma and probably a million other friends and other family you know who would be ferrous with you if you did. Plus, I mean who doesn’t want to party with everyone you love?

But what if I told you could do both!!! What?! I know hang with me here.


Did you know in the state of Colorado you can actually marry yourselves? What? I know it’s nuts. But you can!

So what if you throw out the idea that you had to say your vows and officially be married in front of lots of people (and er maybe a few you reluctantly invited)? And said yes to both!

What if you and your beloved really did traps off to an epic location with your adventurous mountain wedding photographer, tied the knot, then a week or two later celebrated with your family and friends and no one’s any the wiser! You get the intimate moments together, the epic photos and a stress free wedding day because the pressure that this is the ONLY wedding day you’ll have is gone.


I mean, I wish I had thought of this 8 years ago for my husband and I. And I know the wedding day is so stressful and hard to fully enjoy. So let’s change things up to bring all that we love together! Who’s in?!

Contact me and we can talk all the fun details on how you can do this with Searching for the Light Photography!

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