After much prayer and a year away from the business I've decided to re-open Searching for the Light Photography. A lot has changed in my life so a lot will be different as I transition back into business. But I am beyond thrilled to get back behind the camera and working with amazing people again!

Please be patient with me as I'll be updating my website slowly with the proper information on what working with me now as a chronic illness warrior (ok, not boasting here but warrior sounds better than survivor or sufferer) looks like and what type of work I'm available to do.

Part of this, though will be that for now I will not being taking on full weddings. I'm going to start slowly and see what I can truly handle and make sure I am delivering amazing quality to all my clients while maintaining a balanced healthy life. My goal is to photograph short Colorado elopements, engagements and any couple who wants to get in front of my camera exploring the joys of capturing their relationship.

I will also begin to work with small businesses who want to build their visual brand with photographs. So, if that's you, please contact me! I am also excited to start working with more yogis and dancers!

While I love my family members and many others' families, I will not be taking on any family work. 

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More updates coming soon! 

<3 Emmy