Adventure Session Rock Climbing & Mountain Top Couple Photography {Rachel & Josh | Adventure Couple Session}

In my past, non-sick life, I LOVED rock climbing, like had dreams about it when I wasn't climbing, yet some how I never photographed a couple that climbed. So when I was planning with Rachel and Josh and they agreed to pull their climbing gear out for me for Colorado couple photos, I was so excited! 


I wish the Colorado weather had been warmer but it all turned out beautifully despite having them climb in the freezing shade on the ice cold rocks. They were troopers. 

Climbing is a bit of a hard one to figure out how to get couples interacting in a way that translates well into couple photography, so we may have done more repelling than actual climbing photos, but it was such a blast! Rachel and Josh both get bonus points for doing a spider man style kiss. ;)

After we finished rock climbing out in Clear Creek Canyon we headed up to a little peak to catch the last bit of the evening light. It was breathtaking and the wind was so intense. I had plans of pulling out my gear to capture some sweet sunset photos but the wind was just too intense. 

I do just love how awesome Rachel's hair was in the crazy wind! 

I love how despite it being completely nuts while taking photos up there, Rachel and Josh were embracing in a calm moment together. Doesn't that just sum up life, a little bit crazy but hanging on to the sweet things as best as you can? Mm, marriage and relationships are just such an amazing gift.

It was such a joy to work with Rachel and Josh helping them get some time away to re-connect together. Life can be so crazy and I love being able to help married couples take time to just be together. I love being able to do this for couples. Wanna learn more about what I do to help couples re-connect? Head on over to my website!

Despite the craziness of our shoot I loved every moment and these two are just so cute together. Also that wind and her hair? Ugh, just so beautiful, right?!

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To see more from their adventure couple session rock climbing feel free to check out their slideshow below. (Click on the arrow in the top right corner to view in full screen. Don't forget to update the quality by selecting 1080 from the setting icon!)