Darkness is As Light {A Season of Darkness as An Entrepreneur}

The past two years have been very dark for me. I've dealt with hardships I never thought I would have to as an adult, a mother, and a business owner. While I could sit here and list all of the challenges I've been through I want to share instead how God has brought me to my knees praising Him as He so graciously changed my heart.

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:11-12‬ ESV

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:11-12‬ ESV

've always been one of those people who said “I can do that myself, my way is better” and, well, isn't that the attitude of most of us millennial's? We are the generation of girl bosses. We are the generation of entrepreneurs. And while that has its benefits and beauties, I am coming to realize my life isn’t so healthy to live this way, divided by equality important roles and life contributions.

The Lord literally has brought me to my knees. As I began writing this blog, I was laying in bed recovering from surgery, using voice dictation because I cannot type properly with a gimpy hand and ceaselessly scratching itchy skin. Thankfully, all of my illnesses are healing well and should result in a full recovery. I've had amazing care being a fully medically insured American and blessed to have amazing family and friends supporting me through this healing process.

On top of this my business has suffered in ways that I didn’t anticipate as my life changed as I became a mother. I praise God, I do not feel like any my clients really felt the hurt of my business but due to all the current life circumstances I haven’t been able to give running a business my all outside of actually being behind the camera.

All of this It has brought me to see I cannot do everything alone and left me realizing my true priorities in life. Those being I am first a daughter of Christ, a wife, a mother, a friend and a photographer. (I’ll be sharing a post soon more about this later next week so keep posted for that.)

While I’m still fully recovering and battling with some of my illnesses I can (with all humility and honesty) say today I sit in the light out of my darkness from the trials of the past two years. It is only because of the great blessings God provided through others and because my Savior Jesus Christ brought me out of death and is continually bringing me out of my sinful broken self and more into His beautiful light.