Take Time for Adventure {Mountain Wedding Photographer}

Let's be honest, life is busy, always. It will swallow you whole if you don't take time do the things that give your soul life. Trust me, I know. I've been "lost" in the busyness of life one too many times and find myself absolutely empty every single time. 

Being a mom, wife, and running a business is overwhelming, like every single day. I find myself wearing about a million hats each day from day care worker, to mess-cleaner-upper, to discipliner, to lost shoe-finder, to dishwasher, to chief, to accountant, to planner, to writer, to blogger, to secretary, to editor, to photographer, to....etc. I could go on and on. Every single day I feel burnt out and just want a cozy bed. I know I'm not alone.

But, I've found making time, and sometimes forcing myself out the door, to go on a little adventure gives me so much life. Just taking time away from all the screens, all the emails and neediness of life and just breath fresh air and listen to the stillness of creation: To breath in a little calm in the midst of my constant chaos. I praise God that I live in such a beautiful state that to do just this is less than an hour away. 

I've made it a "rule" now for myself for every other Friday that I'm not out photographing I will take time to go on an adventure. Being a mom these will always include my daughter and be on her schedule but I'm so thankful she is willing and love being outside as much as I do. 

I want to encourage you today to take a moment to think and a moment to plan time for yourself to do something that gives you life. Trust me it will be worth putting your phone down, it will be worth waiting to reply to that next email, it will be worth postponing that deadline for a few minutes.