A True Love Story {Carly & Kevin}

I am so excited to share another true love story. Today is Carly & Kevin's proposal story as told by Kevin:

"In August of 2014, Carly and I planned a nice trip to our dream destination, Avalanche Ranch. While Carly thought it would be a nice chance to relax for the weekend, I had other plans. The first night we spent in Glenwood Springs, Carly and I got on the topic of marriage. At many points in this conversation I felt it would be easier to reach into my bag and pull out the ring, but I had other plans, and frustrated as she was, she would have to wait. 

The next day, we packed up and continued on our way to Avalanche Ranch. I knew that once we arrived, she would be expecting a proposal. But of course, being the good boyfriend that I am, I did not propose to her once we arrived. Later that evening we drove to Aspen for a fancy sushi dinner, and I knew that Carly would once again suspect a proposal; Aspen is an obvious choice for a proposal, as is a fancy restaurant. And so, me being the good boyfriend that I am, did not propose. 

The forty minute car ride from Aspen back to Avalanche Ranch was the longest and quietest car ride of my life, but I knew that I was in the final stretch. When we finally returned to our cabin, I used one hand to reach for the keys to the door, and the other to reach for the ring in my pocket. When I opened the door there were candles and champagne, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and rose petals on the floor. I dropped to my knee, and well, the rest is history."

I had the great honor of photograph their wedding this winter and it was such a joy to be a part of such a beautiful union.