Mountain Wedding Photographer {Self Portraits}

In my whole life I've never felt photogenic and honestly I have that awkward camera smile, you know the one: the one where you want to seem happy but forcing a real smile is about real as telling your grandma you really liked her green jello mold cake.

But after three years of not having any professional photos of just me I decided it was about time to take some. While I do know an amazing handful of other photographers I could have asked to take these photos, I decided it would be more of a fun challenge to do them myself. I couldn't actually take all the photos I'd imagined I am so excited for how these turned out. 

Photographing yourself really has helped me think more critically about editing and posing people because I seriously think: "what if this was me in front of the camera?" Most of the time I think, this is ridiculously awkward and therefore silly. I find myself saying this almost every-time I photograph someone. But, you know what? It creates truly genuine moments when you feel a little silly and ridiculous it is then that you can let go of pretenses and just be you. 

I cannot forget to mention this breath taking location! My daughter and I went exploring here the day before I was going to do these photos and man was I so glad we went here because it is such a hidden little gem right outside of Denver!  (Debating whether or not to share where, I think not, gives it more of a mystery.)

Despite what I was wearing it was freezing outside but surprisingly after getting into things a little I got over it being cold. Though some photoshop was required to get the goose bumps not so obvious all over my body. 

Praise God for such a glorious location he helped me find and for the beautiful scenery and sunlight the state of Colorado has. Also, I do credit the Lord for the confidence to do this, to truly feel beautiful enough to stand in front of the camera and share a piece of me. Side note being photographed really does make you feel beautiful, not sure why, but I really felt a confidence boast after it, even though I can look in the mirror and see the same things, something about having your photograph taken makes you feel beautiful. Interesting thought...