Before & After {Behind the Scenes | Creating Artistic Sun Flares}

Guys, it is so vulnerable sharing these behind the scenes photos! But it is good because I think its important for people to know a good wedding photographer doesn't just have a nice camera. 

Here is my process for this photo. I did use off-camera flash which in this full sun added  pinch of light in front of this couple. My true trick here is knowing what settings will result in making the sun starburst. Another piece of this photo is posing these too. I had them go in for a kiss but the moment before a kiss is actually my favorite moment because its an anticipation that shows more facial expressions than an actual kiss can show. 

Side note: I have to think about all these things and more in a split second for most actual wedding days. So having the experience is so crucial in hiring a good wedding photographer

Here are my settings for this photo: 1/200 f/13 ISO 64 manual off camera flash in a 24" square soft box steadied by my second shooter.