Olive {21 months | AKA almost 2!}

Children have a way of making time go so slowly yet so quickly at the same time. Its so amazing to me that Olive has almost been with us for two years now! I cannot imagine life any other way yet my overly exhausted mom body does admit to imagining life with a lot more sleep. 

Olive LOVES exploring and being outside, which is super fun for me too since I love being outside. I seriously cannot wait for summer (for once in my life) so we can go have more outdoor adventures. 

We actually took a few of these photos while on a hike with another sweet photographer, Brooke with 432 Photography. I am so thankful for sweet friends who are willing to take more of a stroll through the forest than actually hiking. (Short legs really make adult hiking a lot slower.) 

We just couldn't get enough of being outside so we played in the warm sunlight in our front yard. I just adore watching her personality develop and watching her learn and discover new things. While I do have to be honest being a mom really never gets easier you do learn to cherish more as time quickly slips through your fingers. 

I love you sweet Olive Mae!