Before & After {Behind the Scenes | Mountain Wedding Sunset Photo}

I decided its about time I share behind the scenes photos, starting with before & after photos. Today I'm sharing a photo from one of the most gorgeous sunsets I saw last year, of course at the lovely Mandy & Josh wedding in New Mexico. 

I adore this photo for a million reasons, first of all that sunset, right? Second, how beautiful are these two?! And those flowers I mean I could just die happy right now if those were the last wedding flowers I ever had to photograph! ;)

But to capture all of this beauty was a bit tricky. I am so thankful I've had the knowledge of how to properly capture such a gorgeous scene! 

The first skill set being knowing off-camera flash.

While most photographers could capture a beautiful silhouette or capture just these two. It takes a specific skill set to know how to get both. 

Here is the break down of how I captured this photo. First of all gorgeous sunset made by God …this I couldn't create. ;) I did also have one of the bridesmaid, also my good friend, hold my off camera-flash so the wind didn't blow it over was key as my second shooter was busy capturing the lovely cocktail hour. Third, is having settings just right to capture the sunset. Fourth is having my flash pop just enough light on them that it created a balance to capture them but not blow them out or create a flash hot spot. The final trick is shooting in raw which allowed me to pull out the deep colors of the sky and get everything else exposed properly. The rest is editing magic. ;)

Here were my settings in case any of you other photographers are curious. 1/200 f/2.2 ISO 320 Manual flash exposure in a 24" square soft box.