Best Mountain Wedding Venues {Colorado Part 1}

If you're anything like me and your heart stops a beat as you gaze into the majesty of mountains, then its no surprise that you'll want your wedding day, the beginning of the rest of your lives together, to begin on a mountain top that takes your breath away as much as your partner does.

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While I haven't photographed EVERY mountain wedding venue there exists in Colorado, I have been fortunate enough to photograph a handful. So here are some of my favorite or as I'd say best mountain wedding venues in Colorado.

Telluride Ski Resort

  • When I got asked to be this couple's mountain wedding photographer at Telluride I about fell off my chair. Telluride is seriously unreal and well anywhere around the San Juan mountain range will make you wonder if you are really in the USA or if you were transported to Switzerland or New Zeleand. 
  • The wedding coordinators at Telluride Ski Resor are some of my favorite to work with. 
  • Telluride weddings are definitely a destination wedding as most vendors aren't local, nor will any of your guest be close but it is worth every single penny! 
  • This wedding was from June, which is actually one of the more affordable times to be in Telluride, right before their blue grass festival and before summer season kicks off.
  • To see more of this Telluride Mountain Wedding go here.

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Mount Princeton Hot Springs

  • If I hadn't ever been to or known about Telluride mountain weddings, Mount Princeton Hot Springs would be my top choice for the best mountain wedding venue. 
  • The views around the entire area are absolutely stunning! I adore that you can have your wedding ceremony in a few different locations, one in a meadow by the river, or looking out into the mountains.
  • I also like that this mountain wedding venue has gorgeous access to a stream, a mountain top, and a field. It was like a photographers dream come to know where we took the field photo is one you'll just have to hire me to find out. ;)
  • Like Telluride, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a destination wedding, but it is a lot more accessible. The resort includes affordable room and board and has lots of fun options for family and friends to really spend time together.
  • To see more of this Mount Princeton mountain wedding go here.

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Snow Mountain Ranch

  • I ADORE Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies! If I could get married again I'd do it here in the fall. 
  • I love that the ceremony site has drop dead gorgeous views, and endless places for beautiful photos. To top the cherry on top, they have super fun activities for family and friends to do at this is a mountain destination wedding. AND its an affordable venue because its a YMCA. It books up super fast, for obvious reasons, so book the moment your engaged, for real. 
  • I really like that they let you bring your own catering and aren't subject to the venue's catering, which let's be honest we are food lovers, and bad food can seriously kill a gorgeous view.
  • I've had the great honor of photographing here twice so go check out the snow mountain ranch weddings here!

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Devil's Thumb Ranch

  • Devil's Thumb Ranch is a more high class mountain get away. I love their outdoor ceremony site as well as their gorgeous indoor reception areas. Out of all the mountain wedding venues Devil's Thumb Ranch has the best reception area.
  • The catering is outstanding!
  • I've had the honor of photographing a wedding here but due to client request did not blog this wedding but here are a few photos I can share from this winter wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch.

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Chief Hosa Lodge

  • This little gem is just tucked away less than 30 minutes from Denver but all the stunning views other mountain wedding venues have. Bonus is that this venue looks like a castle, so if you've been dreaming of an castle wedding off the coasts of Ireland but couldn't quite afford it, I'd say this is a good settling option. ;)
  • Chief Hosa Lodge is a Denver, Colorado owned facility so it is a little different to book than your normal venue but it also means it is more affordable and you can bring in any caterers you want. Also, it is a little smaller venue with a max of 125 people so is for smaller weddings.
  • I love that this location is close to Denver so your guests can stay in more affordable denver accommodations.
  • I shoot a wedding here quite a while ago which means my work has gotten a lot better so don't judge my work from checking this mountain wedding venue out. :) You can see this Chief Hosa Lodge wedding here.

  • Shupe Homestead isn't quite in the mountains but it has a gorgeous view of the foothills. It is more of a cleaner farm wedding with beautiful mountain views. So if you're torn between that French farm in the fields wedding vs a mountain top wedding this is a venue worth considering.
  • The indoor reception hall is not my favorite, but the mountain views outside are totally worth it.
  • Again I shot a wedding here a few years ago so you'll see my style has changed a lot but in case you want to check it out you can go here.

Other Mountain Wedding Venue's I haven't photographed but would love to are below. I don't know much about these venues since I haven't photographed here so keep that in mind. 

  • Piney River Ranch
  • Ten Mile Station
  • Aspen
  • Vail
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Anyway where in the middle of the forest. ;)

Also if you're looking for a mountain elopement photographer contact me! I'd love to hear your story and see if we'd make a good fit for your beautiful mountain wedding.

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