Fleeting Moments {Motherhood a temporary trial and joy}

As I sit to write this blog that I've been thinking about for the past 6 months my sweet 16 month old daughter is napping in her crib which took her 12 months to finally learn to go to sleep by herself and stay asleep through a 1.5 hour nap, yes, a glorious 1.5 hours of mom work time! 

Let's be real here, motherhood is freaking hard. No one can quite prepare you for how hard motherhood really is. Yet, for some reason most of us go into it or see other moms who have been at it for a few years thinking man they got that, I could SO do that! Right? 

Then your baby comes, the crying, the 24/7 attention and oh and if you had one peanut like mine hours and hours of unconsolable crying that the doctors aren't too concerned about because its only 4-6 hours a day of crying not 8 hours. Oh and not to mention the sleeplessness. We lost a good year of sleep with Olive. Who didn't sleep more than 2-5 hour stretches until she was 12 months. And even if your baby was an angle and slept 8 hours straight from day one or you were way more intuitive to discern the differences between each types of cries and way more chill to handle it you know it still is hard, very very hard. 

When Olive was born we seriously were those children-less parents who thought, this child will not control our lives. But then Olive came and turned our world up side town. She's taught (ok forced) us how to be completely selfless and while we have yet to perfect, and probably never will perfect this we are striving to love her as best we can. 

But despite all the hardships we LOVE this girl and I can whole heartily say I'd do it all over again to get that one moment of giggling with her, or the first time she smiled at me, or when she is hurt and just needs, me: mama. The list could go on and on. Though one thing that has hit me the hardest is that motherhood is temporary, always. Olive wasn't always an infant, she wasn't always a baby and she wont always be a toddler. She will grow and become her own person and each day I have with her is a gift. I am not promised tomorrow with her nor even the next 10 minutes.

But the most deep realization I've had in thinking about all of this is the belief that in Heaven we won't be mothers again, (at least from my knowledge of scripture which I could be way wrong about) that the gift of parenthood is something here. This is a once and lifetime eternal event. And regardless of where you stand on that I think the realization every day, that this moment, this stage, this age will go by fast is something so moving that helps us exhausted, worn out, totally in love mothers keep going from day to day. 

So, you new mom struggling to keep it all together, or searching google to figure out how to get this kid to sleep more than 2 hours, or you mom pulling your hair out from your toddler really wanting to eat crackers for every meal, or you, mom watching your first baby go off to pre-school, or you, mom watching your "baby" go to college. I am here with you rejoicing over this amazing gift from God in motherhood. Let's celebrate right now in the amazingness that we get to be mothers, that this is a gift, and an amazing trial in growth but a deeper joy than we ever knew we could experience. 

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