Beaver Creek Wedding | Mountain Wedding Photographer {Sam & Kevin | Married}

If you saw my sneak peak post from this wedding you'll know that this Beaver Creek Mountain Wedding wedding has been a long time coming. I am so thankful to have been a part of this gorgeous morning church wedding in such a beautiful place with such a sweet couple passionately and whole-heartedly in love with each other. And to top the icing on the cake to see their sweet family and friends just as excited and thrilled for this day to have arrived!

Sam and Kevin were married in their home town near Avon, CO which is surrounded by Beaver Creek and Eagle-Vail. Both gorgeous venues for a mountain wedding. They had their reception inside the Beaver Creek Chapel which was perfect in the July summer heat and ended the afternoon at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion, a quint little wedding reception site nestled in the valley of Eagle-Vail, Colorado.

As my second shooter arrived bright and early to them getting ready I found the girls in the typical pre-wedding craziness. Yet, all the girls were all so sweet and quite! I loved that Sam's gentle spirit is so evident the moment you talk with her or are just around her for two seconds.

Their Beaver Creek Chapel wedding ceremony was simply sweet, officiated by Kevin's dad. I loved their unity painting of taking two colors and making them one. I was also so thankful Sam had hand written her vows and I was able to snag a photo of them earlier in the day!

I loved that right after the ceremony Kevin and Sam snuck away to praise God together through prayer for their marriage. Such a sweet intimate picture. I'm thankful they let me snag a few photos of this time!

I loved that their wedding day was full of much rejoicing and sweet tears. Sam so sweetly shared with me prior to the wedding day that her sweet grandmother had passed a few weeks earlier. It was so evident it was such a hard thing for her grandmother to not be their with her. I loved how when she took a photo with her grandfather he so kindly offered her his hanky. So precious.

Sam and Kevin had such great family and friends surrounding their day!

One trouble with shooting morning weddings is that usually that its the worst time of day for pretty lighting, but I was SO thankful when scouting for their wedding the day before I found an epic tree and some great shade for us to play in. I am so thankful God make such beautiful things and that I get to photograph them. Not to mention Sam's flowers were a perfect accent to the green aspens around the Beaver Creek Chapel.

Their reception was perfectly lively and I loved their idea of an afternoon brunch! Also, can we just admire how great it is that Sam got an entire plate full of bacon. Haha, Thanks Trevr (my second shooter) for making sure to get this photo.

Also I loved their crossword puzzle and guestbook idea: signing rocks. Perfect!

The speeches were heartfelt, hilarious, and lovely. Tears were shed, laughter was made and Sam got her first pack of bandaids from her father-in-law to own for her practice as she finishes to become a doctor.

I loved that for their first dance they had friends sing. Their cake cutting was quite epic since they couldn't find a fork, so they fed each other with a spoon. It was awesome.

Thank you Sam and Kevin for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, for sharing these intimate beautifully sweet moments with my second shooter and I. We were so honored to be a part of your gorgeous Beaver Creek wedding day. Many blessings to you too as you are finally living in the same city together as husband and wife!

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Special shout out to the amazing vendors!