Colorado Photographer {Millett Family | Jaxson 6 months!}

This year I made the hard decision to stop taking new family photography clients and focus solely on wedding photography. I do have to admit family photos have always been such a hard task for me to approach as a photographer. I love the love families have and all the sweet moments that happen together are so wonderful but to capture all of that in 30-90 minutes is so intimidating to me.

BUT when a client who's wedding I've done, who's family I've photographed before comes and ask for more photos I am BEYOND thrilled because I LOVE capturing their journey of life...AND knowing their family dynamic already is super helpful. ;) 

This was the case for this sweet family for three. I was so honored to capture their wedding and Jaxson's newborn photos in the past few years. And honored again to capture their lives as Jaxson grows up so quickly! 

We meet at a Park and played in the grass a little. Molly and Brandon worked so hard to get the smiles out of him and I'm so thankful we caught a few. I am sure it has to be so strange as a kid for a stranger to come in your face with a huge black thing and acting goofy to get you to smile. I would star with an awkward face too. ;) 

Thank you Molly and Brandon for letting me be your photographer again and again!

P.S. Family and friends can pre-register to see all their photos here: