Telluride Wedding at San Sophia Overlook {Brie & Tyler | Married}

I cannot believe this wedding has come and past. I've been so grateful to be a part of this sweet couple's journey to be there to capture their engagement two years ago, to see them journey through life over social media as new parents to the one of the cutest little girls around, and see them stay strong as they dealt with the trials of a long distance relationship as Tyler finished medical school. These two have been through a lot of amazing and hard things together and to be there to hear them proclaim their love from this telluride mountain top was nothing but amazing.

When I arrive the day before for the telluride mountain wedding I about died from extreme excitement after seeing the ceremony location, San Sophia Overlook.  It is the most epic-jaw-dropping ceremony location I've ever been to, and being a Colorado mountain wedding photographer I've been to some amazing ceremony locations, but nothing is as good as this view. 

The next day, Brie & Tyler's wedding day, was a different day. The sun was out in the morning but a storm came cruising through for the afternoon. During the beginning of the storm Brie and Tyler were cheerfully getting ready without a care in the world. I just absolutely love their care-free easy going spirits.

Their sweet baby girl joined us as Brie finished getting ready. I mean, isn't she so adorable!?

Despite the rain, which was more like a steady drizzle Brie and Tyler were game to venture out to do their first look. If any two people could handle the stresses of it raining on their outdoor Telluride mountain wedding it is these too. They stayed so calm and were just excited to be getting married, rain or shine. ;)

It sadly kept on raining, and raining and we kept on waiting. Telluride began planning for plan B for the ceremony to have inside the restaurant at the top of the mountain. But we still all prayed the storm would clear. While we waited we made the most of our time taking photos. 

After heading out in the drizzle with Tyler to take some photos of just him, I prayed God would part the clouds and let His greatness and glory be shown. I felt so firmly that He said he would and bodly shared this with Tyler, that I had faith it would clear.

Well within the next 30  minutes the clouds started to part, and the rain slowed down to a wet balm in the air. I was in almost tears of excitement that God so sweetly provided this. Now, I don't know where you are but for me this was just yet another reason I believe God LOVES marriage and wants to greatly celebrate its beginnings as much as we do.

Guests started making their way out through the mud. Yes, the mud, their guests were amazing troupers! And the bridesmaids huddled close as the temperature dropped to 30 degrees from the mountain rain.

The music began and we all delighted together as Brie and Tyler promised together to love each other all the days of their lives. My favorite, as I am sure everyone's was was when in Tyler's vows he proclaimed his love for Brie and said he loved her so much he wanted to shout it from a mountain top. So so fitting.

While Brie's vows were heartfelt and honest, yet in complete adoration of this man she loves so dearly. I love how she shared she has grown to see and love his imperfections. I just adore that their life journey has helped them see love isn't always happily ever after, but is sometimes hard, but it can always be beautiful!

The rest of the evening unfolded beautifully even though it was literally freezing outside. We thankfully got a photo of Brie, Tyler and their sweet girl huddled together! Their reception was filled with much laughter, sweet speeches and an even sweeter naked fruit cake. 

Thank you, Brie & Tyler for giving me the greatest honor of capturing your love story. I couldn't have been more blessed to be a part of your amazing wedding day: to hear your love proclaimed for each other and know that every word you said was true. Your love is so inspiring and both of your approaches to life are freeing. Thank you for being such an amazing couple to work with and letting me be there to document the first day of your lives together as husband and wife.


Special thank you to all the vendors who helped make their day so lovely!

Coordinator: Lacey with Telluride Ski Resort
Venue & Catering: Telluride Ski Resort
Bakery: Butcher & Baker, Cake:
Florist: Willow Creek:
Lodging: Inn at Lost Creek
Videography: Something New Media:
My amazing Second Shooter: Trevr Merchant
Transportation: Telluride Express:
DJ: Aiko Aiko:
Oxygen Bar: AromaSpa, Oxygen Bar: