Olive {15 months | My adventure girl}

It seems every time I go to write a blog about my sweet Olive I am baffled at how big she is already! It seems like yesterday that we found out she was coming yet at the same time it feels like we've always had her.

I used to do photos every month but let’s be honest that just isn’t practical in real life. So I decided at least until she is 2 to do every 3 months. But man is it amazing how much she has changed in just 3 months!

She is now walking and well running. She has a bigger vocabulary now most of which includes calling Toby, calling everyone daddy including daddy, night night, dipy, nak (snakc), more, peeas (please) and my favorite “oh” (potty). She also knows more, please, and help in sign language which is amazing at helping communicate what she wants! Though she is persistent with them until she gets what she wants.

She thankfully still loves proteins and even though we are now eating everything she really isn’t a pasta girl, but she sure loves crackers! We officially have become those people that opens the box of crackers while grocery shopping...I know I know.

My favorite things about Olive are how much she loves exploring. Almost every day this girl goes straight to the back door give me my shoes and hers and wanting to go outside.

Of course, we saw it fitting to go on a little adventure for her 15 month old photos. I’ve known of this spot from rock climbing and absolutely love it. It’s in Golden and right along the clear creek canyon entrance. I could live here. I am so thankful grandma Jodi came with us to help keep Olive safe because she would have gotten washed away with the river if I let her. I love her fearless attitude and sense of adventure! Also, we did come back the next day with dad to actually go swimming since we only took photos the first day.

Another favorite thing about her is her empathy, this girl loves so well and I am learning so much from her. Toby recently was sick and she could tell and would grab a towel, lay it over him and cuddle him talking her little baby babble to him. It was the sweetest thing.

Olive is still a silly crazy girl and brings so much laughter to our house. I cannot imagine life without her!

On a real note, I do still miss sleep and with adding teeth so comes lack of sleep. Also fighting this girl to eat is sometimes a challenge, and well going places where we have to sit is a bit tricky, but I feel like all of her hard times are greatly out weighed by her silly, sweet, exploring spirit. I am so excited to be an adventurer with this girl.