Telluride: My new favorite mountain town

In early June I was so honored to photograph Brie & Tyler's Telluride, Colorado mountain wedding, and had the great joy to spend an extra day there with my family. I was so thankful that their wedding was on a down weekend so we could actually afford hanging there another day and so thankful for VRBO finds!

Anyway, I have thus decided Telluride is my new favorite mountain town, and if it wasn't so far from Denver I would SO move there in a heart beat. It is just one of the most gorgeous mountain towns I've ever been too and I loved how the weekend we were there was so calm and more the locals hanging out then a million and one tourists.

The vibe of the town is so chill and friendly. I loved how almost everyone knew each other and greeted each other from across the street or riding up the gondola. When we got home I immediately to dived into Gilrmore Girls again to just get my small town fix. Oh, "Stars hallow!"

In another life I would be a small town mountain girl, working weddings on the weekend and living outside during the week. I just love the idea of living in such a small community and having every fun adventure at your figure tips! You know snowboarding, SUP, rock climbing, four wheel driving, hiking, etc. ...One day. ;)

For now I'll gaze dreamily at the few photos I took from our trip...Again, I apologize I am TERRIBLE at documenting my own life. I prefer to live in the moment not behind the lens in real life. BUT, I do LOVE document everyone else's lives. ;)

Don't you just love my "jogging" clothes look, haha? I don't jog. But I love walking, in pretty places. I really should have put something nicer on for such a lovely view! (Thanks to Trevr, my second shooter for this wedding for taking this photo of us three.)

And just two more because we were location scouting before the wedding and my second shooter's wife, Marrisa who adores our daughter was super sweet to carry her! (Don't hate me for posting these!)

We went on a "hike" while we are there and you know we drove to the trail head because after shooting a wedding you just don't want to do much.

And because I think these two are adorable. :D