Life After The Honeymoon {Being a Wedding Photographer When Life is Hard}

I can never stop praising God for this amazing job He has gifted me being a Colorado mountain wedding photographer. I am so grateful I get to be there to capture amazing moments, tears of joy, love stories, and one of the most important days of couple’s lives!

Yet, I often find myself in a completely different stage of life. My husband and I have been married for half a decade and have gone through a handful of trials that have left us in a different love than we began. And without sharing more than I need to on the web I’ll just say that our marriage has mostly been hard.

As you can image, being a wedding photographer -- capturing people’s love stories, witnessing heartfelt vows and walking through a couple’s love story -- can be extremely hard. Its probably similar to someone unable to concieve but working in a daycare...hopefully, you get my point.

Instead of being in a place of envy or longing -- which it seems every single woman has experience especially after watching a Nicholas Sparks movie..*ahem* The Notebook-- I find myself in a place of hope and overflowing love.

How? Well, for me marriage and this love we experience and see upheld before us in a man and woman loving each other isn’t just about them. For me, its about a real life example, the most amazing example you could imagine- that being Jesus’ Christ love for the church, for the people who seek after God. (Ephesians 5:23-33 If you go read, don’t let the words “submit” and “head” stump you up there...there is a lot more beauty and truth that isn’t womanizing or belittling behind all of that but that is a whole other can of worms.)

Maybe it's just me and how weak I am without this truth, but I seriously don’t know how any wedding photographer shows up to their job passionately involved when their life is falling apart, especially if their own marriage is hurting.  

This truth gives me so much life and so much freedom. To be completely honest this is a HUGE piece of why I love my job, as a Colorado mountain wedding photographer, because I think marriage is beautiful.

Because I think we all want and need to be loved.
Because I believe we all will find out one day that we cannot love each other perfectly
Because these loves we experience now are just beautiful reflections of an even greater Love we are meant to experience.

That great Love being Christ’s love for us,
That being God’s love for us in putting the brokenness of our world on Christ so That He might be in our presences again.

Because God says “you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4a

I am humbled to be loved so fiercely by this God. And I hope and pray I do Him much honor in capturing this reflection of His love as a wedding photographer.


Emmy GainesComment