Snow Mountain Ranch Wedding {Kara & Jason | Married}

Their love is sweet; Jason is her rock, Kara is his joy, their love is strong, and this May they made it forever at Snow Mountain Ranch. 

Jason is not one to express himself much, but the times he was alone with Kara you could see his deep, passionate love for her. Kara is the one of the sweetest girls and you can just see by the way she looks into Jason's eyes that he makes her already gorgeous smile even bigger.

Kara & Jason's wedding at Snow Mountain Ranch could not have been more perfect. The rain had been pouring earlier in the week, but the famous Colorado sunshine peaked on their wedding day. All of their family and close friends had come out from Texas for the lovely Colorado mountain destination wedding. All the details for their Colorado wedding aligned wonderfully!

Kara & Jason exchanged notes instead of a first look which was such a wonderful idea. Jason kept his moments of reading Kara's note to himself but we thankfully were able to catch Kara reading hers. I love how much of a statement these notes made of their love for each other, that their wedding day was not about their mountain wedding venue--which was stunning--it was not about their red flowers in spring--which was so complimentary to Colorado's green--but it was about them and beginning their story as husband and wife.

I loved how intimate their Colorado mountain wedding was with Kara's Dad marrying them, and their wedding party being mostly made up of family. It is so sweet to enjoy your wedding day with such close people! I felt so blessed to be a part of this time and am so thankful they asked me to photograph their destination wedding day.

Thank you Kara and Jason for letting me capture your love. I am inspired by your deep love for each other. I felt so honored to be the one to capture the absolute tears of joy Jason experienced while watching you, Kara, walk down the aisle and to be the one to capture your ceremony as your beautiful Colorado mountain wedding day unfolded. Many blessings to you two as you begin your lovely journey together as husband and wife. Much love <3 *Emmy

After we finished photographing Kara & Jason's wedding, I walked outside into the close-to-freezing Colorado mountain air and saw the gorgeous view of the stars that you can only see so clearly at a place like Snow Mountain Ranch. I had this crazy idea: to photograph Kara & Jason amongst the stars. I am so thankful to say this actually worked out! So, thank you Kara, Jason, and my awesome second shooter, Trevr, for helping this idea come to life. And all praise be to God for creating such sweet relationships, epic mountains in which to take awe, and stars that shine for years to brighten our nights. God is indeed great!

Finally, a special shout out to all the amazing vendors that helped make Kara & Jason's wedding beautiful!
Venue & Reception: Snow Mountain Ranch
Catering: Wild Horse Catering
Florist: The Stalk Market
Hair and Make-Up: Beauty by Belviso
Second Shooter: Trevr Merchant

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