Lionsgate Event Center Colorado Wedding {Haley & Jordan | Married | Moments}

Haley & Jordan are such a perfect fit for each other! They both have such unique quirks and are just a beautiful pair together. I love how they both love to travel and incorporated the Star Wars theme song into their recessional. You can just see how much they adore and respect each other in the way they look and smile gazing into each other eyes. So, capturing sweet moments between them was very easy because they were full of them! I loved even how Jordan was a little weary of dancing yet they were both so natural together, it is beautiful when a presences of another has the ultimate calming effect, to feel at peace in their presences no matter your circumstances.

P.s. If you're family and friends you can sign up to see all their photo in their online gallery here: ttp:// (Don't forget to select their names!)