Olive {12 Months Old | Colorado Baby Photographer}

I cannot believe just a year ago this sweet girl came into our lives. In some ways it seems like its been much longer than that, but every moment good, hard, infuriating or blissful has been such an amazing experience! I am so thankful that I get to call this girl my own and that we all got to be together all of our days, or well 17 more years. ;) I adore our little family! I am so thankful for all the silliness Olive has brought to our house and to the issues God has used her to grow Josh and I in. We love you sweet girl! 

This month I had grand plans to go out to a pretty location in the mountains to get stunning views and just make it super unique from her other shoots. Well, as with all things with a child nothing goes as planned, so we took a few photos in the mountains and let's be honest I kinda pouted the rest of the day about it. But God in His great mercy and kindness provided this amazing light in our bedroom and brought it to my attention. I pulled my camera out and snapped a few more on our bed. This girl is just way more comfortable in her own environment! Then my husband came home and we took a few more in front of the house mimicking our 6 month old photo shoot, which was such a great idea (thanks husband.) 

Even though with turning one has brought the toddler phase aka tantrums I am loving how giggly and interactive Olive has become. Its so fun to see her learn and understand new things. She has recently started to commit to walking more, but of course on her own initiative. She has a pile of words she knows and a few sign language she can sometimes communicate her needs/desires, which is SO nice! Olive still is in love with her puppy and generally loves all animals, which will be a good compliment for Josh and I who really aren't animal people, despite loving our dog. haha. She is a very emotionally drive girl and is so sensitive which we knew from the beginning but is just becoming more developed as she gets older. I am so thankful that I am getting to know her more and cannot wait to watch her grown up and know her as she changes and grows into a woman one day...but for now I'll take the tantrums to keep her my baby for a while longer. ;)