My year and half year old {Colorado Photographer | My Real Life}

Hard just doesn't adequately describe this year, but to explain that will come in another blog post. But it needs to be prefaced because I struggled so much to go take these 18month old (year and half for all you non-parents) photos of my sweet little girl.

We originally wanted to have photos taken by another amazing photographer I've become aquatinted with but due to life being nuts and budgeting we weren't able to do this.

I was so thankful one evening my husband helped motivate me to get out and take these photos before the early winter sun set. Even though we didn't go to any epic location, Olive was getting over a cold, and I was in a funk, I am thankful we step out our front door into our beautiful yard kissed by falls delights to take these photos.

Even though we are still in waves of lack of sleep I do have to admit this has been my favorite age so far, but it seems the one we are in is always my favorite. I love how much Olive is learning right now and how "independent" she becoming. I love her sweet spirit in being a servant by "helping" us with dishes, vacuuming, laundry and dusting. (I say helping because 25% of the time it is actually helpful and the rest o the time it is her just being so sweet to copy what we are doing.) 

Dancing is still a favorite pastime of ours as well as exploring. I am so thankful she is such an adventurer with me. I love going location scouting with her, even though car rides still aren't fun it is so fun to see her eyes light up in creation. 

Hearing her sweet voice begin to articulate many words has been so fun. While reading the same books over and over hasn't been, I am thankful she loves language and is capable of growing in this way. 

This girl is all girl too. She will one day help balance out my tom-boy tendencies. She loves wearing pretty necklaces, my shoes, and my hats. I am kinda excited for the princess phase of toddlerhood and playing dress up together.

Toby, our dog, is still her best friend and she LOVES taking him for "walks." Dad is Olive's favorite for fun silly games and we "wrestle" a lot in our house. (Photos of Olive and I taken by my husband.) I do also have to say that the photo of me running was an "out-take" but it was such a hilarious photo of us- me thinking I could run to get Toby before the self-timer went off- haha.

I just adore being this little girl's mommy. It is the greatest joy, besides being a wife to my husband, I've experienced thus far in my life. I cannot stop praising God for this sweet life I get to raise and love - imperfectly but all by the amazing grace of God.