Planning Music for Your Colorado Wedding {Helpful Hints & Tips from a Professional Colorado DJ}

I am so excited to be featuring a few guest post from local Colorado Wedding vendors! Today Jordan from A Music Plus will be sharing some helpful hints and tips for planning music on your wedding day!

There are so many opinions out there about what should and should not be done when it comes to a great Colorado wedding DJ. So who is the expert? Who has the right answers? Who actually knows what to do?
Using the insights of our talented cast of entertainers we have compiled some simple guidelines for you to follow when planning your event.
What does a great Colorado wedding DJ do?
Not only are they responsible for setting the musical tone throughout the event, they also help guide you through all of the formal events you have scheduled.  The reason is simple…  They have the microphone! While it is always a good idea to have a coordinator to handle all of the details, a DJ is often asked to fill that void. In collaboration with the other vendors, a good DJ will watch the timeline and when needed help to move things along.
Your DJ is also trying to make a connection with your guests.  Everyone at your wedding should feel comfortable to approach the DJ and make requests.  A friendly DJ becomes part of your Colorado wedding. By being part of the group it is easy to see what you and your guests want (or do not want) played. This is the best way to create a “Rockin” dance floor.
This is your Colorado Wedding!  You can pick every song if you want based on your preferences!  That being said, it is always good to leave room for the DJ’s input and guest requests to create a great dance party.  Feeling the vibe of the crowd is a critical element DJs use to stay within the moment at an event while still playing the songs that are important to you. 
Make the “Play if Possible” list as big as you want! This list gives the DJ a solid understanding of your musical tastes and the “feel” you desire for your Colorado wedding.
Keep your “Do Not Play” list simple.  List songs, artists and genres that you really hate.  The DJ uses this list to check against guest requests.
You can also have guests request songs ahead of time by using your RSVP cards.  You can filter through their selections before the wedding and put your favorites on the “Must Be Played” list.  The remaining requests should go on the “Play If Possible” list.
Slow songs or songs that are not to be used for dancing.
Make sure you put slow songs that you want to dance to on the “Must Be Played” list.  All other songs in this category will typically turn up in the Cocktail/Dinner mix.  We recommend only a couple of slow songs per hour during dancing.  Some crowds like more but a good DJ knows how to read a crowd and will modify his set list accordingly.
Remember, the DJ is there to make your day “Your Day”!
The DJ can make or break the party so we recommend hiring a DJ company with years of experience that will work with you to create your perfect Colorado wedding day!

Thanks Jordan for sharing all these great ideas and tips! If you're looking for an AMAZING DJ go check out A Music Plus. Their DJs have always been amazing to work with and even in one wedding where very few people were dancing the DJ was super awesome at helping the guests get motivated to celebrate with the bride and groom.