Not being a DIY Everything Kinda Person {Why I shouldn't be Super Woman}

I have to confess, I am seriously that person that walks into most stores and thinks "I could do that myself." While this thinking has lead me to be more frugal it has also been disabling. I feel obligated to do everything myself, when really I am not capable nor have time to do everything myself. It has taken becoming a mother and literally having nothing left for anyone or anything else after caring for another life to realize this. While its been a hard and humbling lesson to learn I am so thankful God provided this lesson for me. I now have so much freedom to know, I could do that myself...or, I could spend more time with my family or doing the job I actually enjoy and pay someone to do the things that may be time consuming or require me to do hours and hours of research to adequately accomplish.

Paying the Professionals and Getting Help as a mom and business owner

So for those curious sam's out there here are some things that I've recently found  helpful to just let others do, or help with.

  • An accountant: I am so thankful to have meet Enrique with M&D Accounting. He is super affordable and saved my husband and I from headaches with my taxes since owning a business. After trying Turbo Tax and getting ripped off with H&R Block we are so thankful to have found him!
  • A finical advisor: I don't know if I just didn't pay attention in the one money class I had in high school or if I just had a bad teacher, but my husband and I are SO lost when it comes to anything other than keeping a budget and sticking to it. I am so thankful to have found Kyle with Thrivient Finical. I love what they are all about and so thankful for all the handful of meetings we've had to learn about how to be wise with the money entrusted to us.
  • A Nanny-aka super helper: I was probably the first to always resist the idea of having someone come "raise" my child, but when I came to a complete breaking point I realized something had to give and it was either quit my job or get help with Olive. So, we did a in between. I am so thankful to have found our amazing nanny, Megan who has been so great with caring for Olive while I get some consolidated work hours in. Meagan has also be inexpressibly helpful with things around the house that my OCD personality was going nuts over. I cannot express how much we are thankful for her and how she was the biggest answer to prayer in a very hard battle to decide how to handle the grueling demands of being a mom and business owner.

While I am happy to pass this work along I know it will always be hard for me to let go of my DIY inner self but I am thankful I'm learning to prioritize just doing the DIY projects that I truly am excited about, have time for, and enjoy. For example this DIY camera scarf I made. :D

diy scarf camera strap