Material Girl - Not so Much

As a Denver wedding photographer I've always strived to produce work that is the quality you would see in magazines and in blogs like Style Me Pretty or Wedding Chicks. I do spend time weekly perfecting my skills and trying to learn new skills as a professional wedding photographer. One area I've always lacked in is photographing wedding day details. While, not being naturally good at something will not stop me from trying to perfect it, it does make it harder to do when it isn't a core passion. denver wedding photographer mount vernon wedding with we tie the knot event planning

From childhood I've never been a girl attached to material things. I've always felt a little off because of it. Mostly because my sister is a shoe's girl, she owns way to many but loves shoes. And my mom is a lotions lady, she has a cabinet full of lotions, which my dad calls the lotions and potions collection. But I've never really had weakness for anything in particular. I have no idea if that means anything for knowing how to photograph details well but I do really struggle relating emotionally to attachment to pretty things. Which relating emotionally to my clients and connecting on that level is truly what leads a portion of my creatively in shooting.

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I do highly respect others that get so excited about those wedding day details. For example a florist who is in love with flowers and adores the creations she makes. While, I'll be honest, I think they can be amazingly stunning but it isn't something that would keep me up at night dreaming about.

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For these reasons wedding day details are hard to photograph, but one thing that has helped me is learning about those details and asking the bride why she loves them and made them to be a part of her wedding day. Knowing the passion behind those things helps me connect creatively and emotionally to those inanimate objects.

I especially loved that this bride and groom made these yarn wrapped branches that symbolized the community that is brought them together. How the center pieces reflected them but how every strain of yarn coming from different places around the branch symbolized each person they've known and had a relationship with that brought them to where they are today. Know these little things really did make a difference for me in photographing this wedding detail.

lyons_farmette_wedding_photochristy&eric_denver_wedding_photographer1455_vintageWhile I may never be good as good as a commercial photographer in photographing wedding day details, I will always strive to connect to the passions my clients are passionate about.