Thanksgiving 2014

It is amazing how after just a few years some place different can become your new home. I feel like most people say they are "going home" for the holidays as in going back to their hometown, but for me Denver has truly become my home. While I always enjoy going back to Albuquerque to visit family and friends I always quickly find myself excited to come back home to Denver. This past thanksgiving we took Olive on her first flight to Albuquerque to visit my parents and family. Going there was a breeze even though we were up at 430 for our 730am flight. I was so thankful Olive did great and security at DIA wasn't that bad. Going back home was a different story though...we'll come back to that.

I was so thankful that on this trip Olive finally warmed up, just a little, to my relatives. Prior to seeing new faces she used to cry and scream, but now she would actually be held, of course with a "I'm not so sure" face, but not scream. We are making slow progress with her separation anxiety!  My favorite was that she actually let my dad hold her, which is huge because he really hasn't been able to see her much. Also, I adore that she let my grandma hold her, which I am so thankful I got my camera out for because I have a photo of me and my grandpa reading his newspaper with me as a baby and it is such a sweet photo. (I tried to find it but I don't have a copy of it on my computer!)denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_34_bw denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_17_vintage denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_04_vintage denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_26_vintage

I just love my mom's smile whenever she is playing with Olive. She isn't one to smile with her teeth, but this is her smile of pure joy and gladness. It makes my heart so warm to see her with Olive. :) denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_11_vintage

My mom took this one of of Olive and I. I really should have grabbed Josh for one two but he was napping, so we didn't wake him. Thinking more I think I go some of my ability for photography from my mom, because seriously most people wouldn't think to turn the camera to portrait (tall) style to photograph us, which of course is the way I photograph one or two people.denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_15_vintage

While in Albuquerque we also had about and hour to visit with Josh's sister and her family. Oh, how I wish these cousins could grow up together! Although her two boys really don't know how to play with girls, they are used to pushing and shoving haha, which of course Olive is not. lol. Boys will be boys! Hopefully for Christmas we can get a photo of all three of them being cutiesy together.

denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_24_vintage denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_20_vintage

I am thankful that I also got to see my two best friends in Albuquerque, one of them is pregnant and I cannot wait to meet that little peanut!

denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_28 denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_30We had such a good short visit, and I was so thankful to get in some solid naps while my mom watched Olive.

Now coming home was rough. We had a diaper leak through on Olive and I before our flight we barely made in time, then had the flight attendants give us crap about my ring sling (which going out no one said anything about), we had a blow out (aka poop running up and out her back all over her clothes, and Olive didn't get a nap in during the was a lot to hand before 10am. But we made it! Phew, I don't know how people travel a lot with small children!

Ok, so we didn't spend thanksgiving with these guys but I just have to post these photos of Josh's mom and sister with Olive because I've never had any good ones before!

denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_41_vintage denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_42_vintage denver_photographer_thanksgiving_2014_43_vintage


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