Tasting Chocolate for the First Time {My New Equipment}

A few years ago I shared with you all what my gear included, and since its changed quite a bit so I figured it is about time to update it! Over the past two years I have been so blessed to be able to invest in buying some new equipment! I am a loyal Nikon user hands down, mostly for the quality comparison their products have are totally worth the extra dollars in my mind, but that means I have a smaller equipment list than most photographers. But as I will always stick to its not the equipment that makes the photographer good and it never will be. ;)

I keep thinking about how true love cannot be purchased and how true talent cannot be either. Sure good equipment can make a talented photographer produce better quality but the talent will always be there even if they are shooting with a point-n-shoot camera from the early 2000's.

Anyway, over the past two years I have purchased the Nikon D600, the Nikkor 28mm f1.8, Nikon SB-910 flash, and the bolt battery pack. It doesn't seem like much but having taken half time work since having my daughter this past year this list is such a blessing!

First my Nikon D600, I love this camera. Since having worked on crop frames most of my career moving to a full frame feels like I finally tasted chocolate for the first time and had previously been eating raisins as my dessert. I love the quality it produces and I love the flexibility this camera offers. I still have so much to learn about using this guy. The manual and I have become new bffs, I cannot wait to know this camera inside and out.

colorado wedding photographer's professional gear

Here is my example of Raisins vs Chocolate. The photo on the left was shot with my Nikon D5100 with my Nikon 35mm F1.8 for DX (lens made for cropped) shot at f4.0. On the right was with my Nikon D600 with 85mm F1.8 for FX (full frame) shot at F3.5.

lyons farmette wedding, cropped frame vs full framed nikon cameras

Next is the Nikon Nikkor 28mm F1.8G lens. I spent hours going back and forth about buying a more wide angle full frame lens, and finally decided this was the best bet. Since I've purchased this I cannot stop using this lens and I am in love with its amazing wide angle and depth quality. I also love that it can imitate a good macro lens, and is beautiful for landscape and portraits. colorado wedding photographer's professional gear

Finally is my Nikon SB-910 flash with the Bolt battery pack. This flash has been amazing to have since my other flashes really don't have the abilities this one does. I love the ability to manually control things remotely when I have a few flashes set up across a reception, and the Bolt pack helps me not stress about changing the batteries every 20 minutes.


I also did finally give into the iPad after discovering the Lightroom mobile app and found it super helpful to be able to continue working in between nursing sessions with my daughter. But more important it is so much nice to show my work in meeting with new clients.

I do thank all the past clients for their investment in my business that helps me then grow my business and invest back into more clients. :)

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