Baby Lead Weaning: Starting Solids with Olive

We officially started solids! I was hoping for some awesome faces and expression from our very silly baby, but she was actually kinda boring haha. We gave her bananas and decided to do the easy route of baby lead weaning. And for all you who have no clue what that is, it is basically giving your baby foods they are able to feed themselves and is friendly for them at their current age. (There are a handful of charts online if you just google or pinterest it.) Also, for the first year formula or breast milk is a baby's main form of nutrition so any solid introduction isn't about filling them up but more about learning to eat solids and grow to like them. I also love the research behind it, which is pretty neat. (You can read more on wiki about that.)

Starting solids baby lead weaning by colorado baby photographer

I love this idea of baby lead weaning because we cannot afford the high quality baby food I would liked to have given Olive but we can afford an extra piece of organic produce for her. Also, it'll be easier down the road to just make extra of what we eat for her instead of laboring to make baby purees or special baby foods.

Starting solids baby lead weaning by colorado baby photographer

Josh gave her some to try and get an expression out of her. And we got one! haha

Starting solids baby lead weaning by colorado baby photographerStarting solids baby lead weaning by colorado baby photographerMy little camera ham. :DStarting solids baby lead weaning by colorado baby photographer

Another day I gave Olive some pumpkin mashed up on a spoon and she immediately grabbed the spoon and fed herself. Granted most of it ended up on her face but its a step! I love watching her do this and am excited for her to learn these new skills!

(Side note: I think Olive will be a lefty because she grabbed the food with her left, and when I gave her the spoon of pumpkin she grabbed with her left. It is kinda neat but I hope she isn't because I feel like the world is a righty's world and it will be hard as a left handed person...but Josh said I was being silly over this...which I probably was....dramatic mommy brain.)

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