A Weekend Away {Breckenridge}

A few weeks ago my family went on a girls trip to Breckenridge, CO. I am so thankful to have the family I do to be able to go and do these things. It was a very much needed break from life. As I've said before I've never been very good at capturing my own life so even in sharing these photos they seem sparse and don't really capture much of the weekend other than lots of photos of Olive, haha. (She was just so adorable in her winter vest and big bow I got a little carried away.) Looking back I am sad I mostly took photos of my mom and Olive. But I think we all had a good time regardless of the evidence of it. ;)

It was fun too to have my cousin, Brittany's son, Jaxon, there who is 7 months older than Olive and see them play together, which was more Olive grabbing him and Jaxon staring at us like, please make her stop. haha. Olive is just to curious for her own good.

Anyway, here are some photos, mostly of Olive and my mom from the trip. :)

Kylie, my cousin Brittany's daughter playing with Olive. She is the baby whisper haha. Especially since Olive really doesn't take to just anyone.

colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-001_bwOlive loved my new 28mm lens as much as I did. ;)colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-003_bwMy Aunt Patti is a woman of many amazing skills, one of them being a pro braider. She has year of experience wrangling down the wild hair in our family into stunning braids. colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-007_bw colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-010_vintage colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-023_bw colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-042 colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-044_bwI love this one of my mom and Olive. I am so thankful Olive loves her grandma and is the one person she go without seeing for weeks and never once cries with. It is such a blessing!colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-054_bw colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-055Gonna break hearts with those eyes, girly.colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-056_vintageJaxon, he is such a ham. I wish I had gotten more time with him, but I can only wrangle one baby at time. He has such stunning blue eyes too!colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-058 colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-063_vintageSo thankful for campfires and the refreshments they tend to bring.colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-065_bwOlive grabbing for Jaxon, Jaxon being like "um get this girl away from grabbing me, please."colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-066Love all these ladies....and boy. ;)colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-073_vintageWhile everyone went on a 10mile bike ride (crazies!) my mom and I took the gondula up to the top of the ski hill. It was very relaxing and nice. And this is a baby head. haha.colorado-photographer-breckenridge-girls-trip-2014-076_vintage

Thank you to my mom and Aunt, Patti for making this trip happen for all of us girls. Here is to making new memories as we all are in the depths of becoming adults with kids, husbands, and pursuing careers. Love you all!

P.s. I do have a handful of beautiful landscape photos from the trip I'll share later.

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