Being a Professional Photographer: A Blessing and a Curse

As a wedding photographer or well just a professional photographer I've always felt obligated to capture every moment of my life. Yet, I constantly fail to do so. But recently a post in the new Darling Magazine (great company by the way) posted this blog post that hit me to the core:

I feel so connected with the author in that I feel pressured to document everything. But as I am getting older and experiencing more of life I am settling more into who I am. I am a person that likes to just be in the moment. Oh, sure, I constantly fail at doing this due to a million reasons...but my favorite moments in life have been the ones where everything else was shut out and I just was in that very moment.


( Thanks to Mark Maceda for taking this photo.)

It seems as a photographer I want to always capture those moments to cherish them more. But I've come to find most of life is meant to be lived not captured.

I feel so strongly that most of the technologies our world has for us is yet another distraction for us to not be where we are. I wonder what we all would be like if we did not need distraction but rather live in today: live in the hurt and the joy.

Of course, I will always love capturing moments for people that they want to remember as our memories fade with time. To give a bride the gift of being able to look at a photograph and remember the sweet smell of her flowers and the tenderness of her first kiss. But I don't want capturing to become my life.

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I want to live in today to behold it, love it and hate. I want to just be here now.


Oh, I will fail and probably always pull my phone out to be distracted but here is my hope to be here now.