Wedding Ideas #18 {Outfits 2 | Something Blue)

If you're a girl who loves traditions then you already know you want to follow the wearing something old, something new and something blue theme. Well it normally is pretty easy to wear something new, as most ladies by their wedding dress new, and normally some sweet relative gives you something old to wear. Then there is the something blue, while it rhymes adorably, it is a bit random. So, here are a few simple ideas of how to fit this in well.

1. Wear blue socks. If you are wearing boots or tall shoes where you'll need socks, grab them in blue!

2. Find a blue cufflink and pin anywhere on your dress.

I had a bride actually do both of these. I think the socks was just coincidence but the cufflink was also her something old as it was her grandpa's. So sweet!

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Finally if you're in a bind and totally forgot on your wedding day you can always grab a gum wrapper and stick it in your guarder. haha (I highly discourage this, but it was a hilarious moment.)