To all those avid readers

My sweet husband has officially released his first short story, Michigan, Ten Cents! He is an amazing writer, and yes, I'm very biased, but you should give it a read! As Josh would describe it "a dark and gritty Southern-flared tale featuring a dash of humor and a wink of bizarre."

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Here is a brief summary Josh wrote about it: Leon, a good ol' country boy from San Antonio, Texas, has a wily, unconventional idea by which to get rich quick. Absorbed in his own perceived genius, Leon will stop at nothing (no matter how sinister) to see his dream of wealth fulfilled. Leon embarks on what is partly a roadtrip across the country, and partly a journey down the dusty, unraveling spiral of his own mind. This Southern-fried short story delivers a healthy portion of booze, blood, and a whole lot of glass bottles…

You can purchase it as a Kindle Single on Or you can download it here for $0.99Amazon Prime subscribers have the option to borrow it like a digital library book for FREE! (FYI: You can read it even if you don't own a Kindle.)

Even if you aren't a reader but just want a break from the same old stories you should go give it a read. Feel free to check out his writing website here: If you liked the book and want to know more about other books or stories he is writing  you should subscribe to his mailing list, you'll get lots of fun freebies!

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