Toby {Our New Puppy}

I didn't think I would honestly ever say that I'm a dog owner because I truly am not a huge dog fan. (I know its a crime to say that and live in Denver, but there you have it. I've said it.) But, Josh and I have always mentioned if we ever did get a dog it would have to be a boy maltese because they are hypoallergenic and easy to take care of. Well, about 2 months ago we found Toby for sale by his previous owners, who couldn't keep him because they we're never home, and he needed a lot of attention.

After a series of events we felt this urgency to buy a dog asap, and when Josh found Toby online we hoped he would be ours.

A day later we met Toby. He was SO excited to see people and a little nibbler at our hands when we would bend to pet him..something I wasn't too excited about, but we decided to take him home.


The next two weeks were a beautiful series of much laughter, pure frustration and exhaustion. Having to potty train a new dog and adjust them to your lifestyle is tiring, as I am sure every dog owners knows. I do have to admit a few nights we had buyers remorse but in the end glad we had him. Looking back now I am so thankful for how I feel like God used him to answer my prayers about preparing for children in working through disobeying and surrendering my inability to control others, even animals.

Two months into having Toby we couldn't be happier. We've potty trained him, for the most part, disciplined him so he doesn't bite people when he gets excited, sleeps by himself in a crate, and survives when we have to leave him for a couple of hours. He still is ornery about coming inside but is truly just a tease. Overall he is a cuddly puppy and LOVES people. He's met our nephews and fell and love. Which gives us great hope for the little ones we hope to have down the road. We spend a lot of time laughing at him because he truly is a character.

The other day I attempted taking photos of him, which was a little difficult. I am no dog photographer, nor ever want to be, but was able to snap a few of these. ;)

Meet Toby, a pesky little puppy, but too adorable to stay mad at for to long. We love him and the quirky creature God made him to be. ;)

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