Camping Near Dillion {Camping Failures}

Despite how much my husband, Josh and I want to be campers, we just truly aren't built for it. Dillion reservoir

This year we went out once to give it another good try. We sadly had one night to camp and couldn't leave until after Josh got off work. Which meant we didn't get to our camp site until 9pm. (Good 'ole I-70 traffic makes a one hour drive a 3 hour drive.)

Hungry and cold Josh set up the fire while I set up our tent.

The fire wouldn't start, and our tent had a bent in the pole so if you touched it just the wrong way it would collapse on one side.

In an attempt to sleep better we brought our new blow-up mattress (thanks to my parents!), but little did we realize its not a good idea for cold nights because its does not retain any heat. Needless to say we froze all night, BUT it did result in very abnormal cuddling while sleeping, which I'm a HUGE fan of. ;)

Well, we did get to eat, but we didn't sleep at all. We surprisingly woke up still happy and tried to enjoy our one morning, which we did, thankfully.

camping near dillion

We planned on spending the day around Dillion exploring and what not. As we were sitting on the reservoir beach I noticed this round circle on my leg. Low and behold it was a tick bite, so we had to cut our trip short and head back to Denver.

Dillion reservoir

Dillion reservoir

I don't think we are meant to be campers, but we sure like the idea of it. I think we will stick to our backyard fire pit and our warm non-blow-up mattress inside our house. Maybe one day we can get a cabin in the mountains so we can be mountain adventures without the "roughing" it part. *dreaming*