Photography Classes with a Professional {in Denver}

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*UPDATE Jan 8, 2014* Classes canceled due to lack of interest. Have you ever wanted to learn to use that DSLR siting on your shelf, but just couldn't muster up the motivation to read through a book,  manual or actually read through all those blog posts you pinned on Pinterest? Well, now you can actually do something about it! A real live class that will teach you the basics and more advanced skills, if you're up for it!

I am so excited to announce I will be teaching two classes in January and February 2014! Just in time for you to purchase this class as a christmas gift for a busy wife who's wanted to learn to better capture your kidos or for yourself to finally learn to use a camera!

I'll be teaching two different classes. Each class will have a teaching/lecture day and a field/hands-on day. Each class will be an hour and half long with a 10minute break and Q&A time.

The first class will be for those who have a DSLR but stick it in automatic mode hoping it will turn out better than your camera phone, point ' n ' shoot or old film camera. Using Your DSLR will cover the basics of photography.

The second class is for those of you who have taken Using your DSLR or understand the basics of shooting in manual. This class will teach you how to work in different lighting situations and spaces. We'll also cover some natural posing.

*UPDATED 12.17.13 see bottom* Check the ad below for more details. If you're interested head to this link to fill out an interest form!

denver photography classes with a professional



The February 9th & 10th classes have been moved to February 16 & 17th.