Alex & Cody {Preview}

It seems many of my clients hire me because I am pretty laid back. I have to admit that on many occasion people have assumed I was a pot head because I am so "chill" but I assure I am not....needless to say more I feel like this trait about myself helps the real sides of people come on their wedding day. I feel like this was especially true for Cody and Alex. I first meet them in a coffee shop last fall for our initial meeting. Because we are in different cities and their schedule's are crazy we had only truly talked one other time before the wedding. So, you can image they didn't get the comfortably with me that most clients get by having their engagement photos with me and a handful of in-person meetings.

While we were taking portraits of Alex and Cody I was posing them quite a bit, but if  you know Cody at all you'll know that he is a silly guy who loves to have a good time. I imagine he is the one in a group of people that is always making everyone laugh. You can image how excited I was when I just stopped and let him be himself. I feel like that is a challenge to most people's; to stop the "work-flow" and go "with-the-flow" letting moments like these happen, and just being their to capture them.

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Mm, moments like these are why I adore my job. I must praise God for allowing me to be ready and there to capture them for Alex and Cody.

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