Welcome to searchingforthelight.com 3.0

Over the past few months I've participated in the Creative Live ReStart workshop, with a very well known photographer in the photography world, Jasmine Star. This class was SO helpful in helping me nail down a lot of things that I've sorta known about but haven't quite figured out how to execute successfully. One major thing was networking. I know networking helps business but in the past have epically failed at this. This year I finally set out to meet other wedding vendors and truly get connected with other business that would be a beneficial connect for my clients and be a helpful connection for both me and the other business. I am very happy to say that has gone SO well! If you've been an avid reader you'll see that in my new "vendor's we love" tab here on the blog and the vendor interviews I've been doing in the past few weeks.

I've also been working on a new posing technique that helps all of you beautiful people truly shine in front of the camera, and not get that awkward "I'm supposed to be smiling face"....you know which one I'm talking about. ;) This is such a challenge as a photographer, but thanks to this workshop I've been able improve this, a lot, which I hope will show in my work this summer as wedding season begins.

The other big thing that has been a reflection of this workshop is motivation to get on fixing my website. Last year I only had one week to build a new website before I was in the heat of my wedding season. I'll be honest with in you in that I am NO web-developer. I have only one class in college behind my belt in web-design and tireless hours of frustration and reading how to do things. So, as you can figure building a site in one week ended up in some loose ends that never were tidied up. I finally went back to the drawing board to clean a few things up. While most people won't notice the difference as HUGE changes, to the detailed eye it will be so much more appealing.

In the end, I updating my logo because the font was just all wrong. On the left is my old logo and on the right is my new logo...so much more fitting for my photography and style.

Denver Wedding Photographer | Searching for the Light Photography New Logo 2013


And next, the website! I am SO excited for this!


Denver Wedding Photographer | Searching for the Light Photography New website 2013

I am so excited for these tag lines that I added. This one on my contact page is my favorite. I think it simply explains why the name, Searching for the Light Photography.

Which I realized you cannot see on my blog very well...but it says: "I strive to capture the light, not the one shining on our skin, but the one igniting our hearts." ...I think I need to get that trademarked. ;) Denver Wedding Photographer | Searching for the Light Photography New website 2013

If you want to see the changes they up and live!! Whoo!

P.s. You may have also noticed some updates on the blog too...please be patient while I'm fine tuning it. Sadly my blog platform doesn't let me work offline then re post it when its ready, but I am hoping it will be finished soon!