Wedding Vendor Interviews 4 {Tee & Cakes | Baker }

I've had the great pleasure of working with Tee and Cakes and meeting with Kim.  (You can read about my time first meeting Kim here. ) I honestly love love their style and how they run their business. Not to mention their treats are DELICIOUS! Which you know is kinda important for finding the right baker. ;) If you want something a little untraditional for your wedding dessert Tee & Cakes is your place to go. If you ever want to just sample some of their treats without making an official "tasting" you can find their shop in Boulder right off Pearl Street. 

Denver Wedding Photographer | Tee & Cakes Interview Photo

I first had the pleasure of working with Tee and Cakes at this wedding here at the Wash Park boat house. The bride requested whoopie pies, and man where they delicious  As you may already know chocolate kinda makes me sick, but I totally had one of those chocolate whoopie pies because they were just amazing!!! I'm honestly thankful Tee & Cakes is a good 30 minutes away because I would get fat living close haha.

Denver Wedding Photographer | Tee & Cakes Interview Whoopies  Photo

And finally, here is the "interview" with Kim, the owner of Tee & cakes. I hope you find all this helpful!

Can you tell me what your job title is and what that means to brides?

I am the owner and head pastry chef at Tee & Cakes.

What makes a good (job title) in your opinion?

In my opinion a good pastry chef can see the needs of the client and run with them. Being creative, thinking on your toes, taking into account all elements not just the food, and being able to develop a relationship with whom they are cooking for.

 What is one thing that separates your business from other similar businesses?

Owner run! I still have a hand in almost every thing that goes out of the kitchen. And a true passion for the business.

 What is your favorite part about being a baker?

The baking and meeting with my clients. I also love menu development and the set-up/accessorizing of the whole dessert/cake too!

What is the most common mistakes most brides make in planning their wedding?

Trying to do everything and please everyone! Procrastination…

 Is there one aspect of the actual wedding day that could go smoother? If so, how would you suggest changing the traditional format?

My wedding day actually went really smooth. The week leading up to it…Now that is another story

What's your best advice for brides working with a tight budget?

Simplicity is beautiful. Pick the top three things that are important and let the rest work it self out.

 In finding a baker, what are three things brides should look for?

Taste (both food wise and style), speed of return calls/emails, experience.

If you could give one piece of advice to every bride what would that be?

Slow down. The day really does fly by. Let the professionals you choose do their job so you don’t have to! Enjoy your fiancé/husband. This only happens once with the person you are about to share it with!

You can find Tee & Cakes website here:

p.s. Don't you just love that Kim made her text pink? I love originality. ;)