Meeting Tee & Cakes {Bakery}

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with the co-owner of Tee & Cakes, Kim. As you may have already seen they are one of the vendors I adore. I had worked with Tee & Cakes on a wedding back in October which you can see here and just loved their desserts! Tee & Cakes {Bakery} | Denver Wedding Photographer  | Vintage Wedding Photography

You can find their shop located near Pearl Street mall off 14th street in Boulder, CO. Their store front is super cute and hip. I love that Kim's husband is the designer behind all the marketing pieces of the company. It truly pays off to know a good designer. ;)

I was so excited that it was snowing, of course. And I had a blast taking some photos of the store front. So, now you can see why photos WHILE its snowing would be awesome! ;)

Tee & Cakes {Bakery} | Denver Wedding Photographer  | Vintage Wedding Photography

In talking with Kim for about  an hour we discovered the brides we both get are very much on the same page. Brides wanting something different beyond the 80s style of weddings. I am so excited to say we are in a way partnering together by referring clients to each other. I do have to say that they aren't your typical bakers because they really create custom desserts and not so much of those five-tiered wedding know the one your mom had. ;)

Kim sent me home with some of these yummy sweets...and even though chocolate makes me well kinda sick I HAD to try these...and well it was totally worth it. I love the girl scout cupcakes. (The Samoa cupcake...middle column top row; and Thin Mint cupcake middle column second row) They are just as good as they look. ;) 

Tee & Cakes {Bakery} | Denver Wedding Photographer  | Vintage Wedding Photography

I loved meeting up with Kim and cannot wait to work with her more. She is super sweet and very chiper. I don't doubt you'll be in good hands with Tee & Cakes as your wedding baker or just for a quick treat on the go. ;)

Keep an eye out for a vendor interview with Kim! :)