A little Encouragement I Must Share | Denver Photographer

Wow, I just got the most encouraging email from a potential client today....I just want to praise Jesus that it is evident HIS glory is reflected in my work. I couldn't ask for more. Boulder Canyon {A Wintery Drive} | Denver Wedding Photographer | Denver Vintage Wedding Photography

"My family and I have never taken an official "family pic" and we are so overdue.  I love pictures so much and capturing life at its essence is so important to me but the photo moment seems to always slip away (my fault mainly, professional procrastinator).  I did some searches here and there on google, asked friends and family but nothing impressed me, just another typical pic.  Then for the heck of it I searched colorado photographers on pinterest and Whalaaaa!   Your images were there with that of others and your pics took my breath away.  I now felt the urgency to get the family pic done, finally!  I dont want typical, I want life love and light reflected on the images.  OMG!!  Your pictures do just that and left me in awe.  They are beautiful, the lighting, wow!  love that lighting, the realness of your subjects expressed in a shot, stunning.  I want something like that." -Carmen V. from Colorado