Winter Weddings {snow bunnies don't sweat they melt} | Denver Wedding Photographer

One day I'd love to specialize in denver and colorado winter weddings, because I absolutely love snow. While I do admit I love a warm day playing outside in the sun, I cannot deny that my heart leaps with joy when snow begins to fall. Yesterday was a pretty warm day out and I was out scoping out a location for a shoot soon and I was sweating like I was on a treadmill in a heated room. I then decided snow bunnies don't sweat they melt. I tried to tweet this in excitement and my dyslexia took over because it read " sweating us snow bunnies melting." you know what I meant. haha

Even though it wasn't snowing during this wedding, I was on cloud nine because I was in the snow.

Winter Mountain Wedding {Anne & Jason | The Details} | Denver Wedding Photographer | Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer; silverthorn pavilion wedding


This post was very random, but I hope at least you giggled a little or smiled because of the pretty snow. :)